10th Anniversary Vorpal Blade

Vorpal Blade (Epic Weapons 10th Anniversary Edition)

Kotaku’s Mike Fahey has announced the release of a Vorpal Blade to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “American McGee’s Alice”. From the post:

In American McGee’s Alice, an older, abuse-ravaged, mentally unstable Alice cuts a bloody path through an equally twisted Wonderland using her trust Vorpal Sword. Now Epic Weapons brings the Vorpal Sword to life.

Epic Weapons is creating the replica Vorpal Sword to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the release of American McGee’s Alice. When the game was originally released, Alice was portrayed on the cover holding a bloody version of the Vorpal Sword, though the image proved too disturbing and was soon replaced with a wand and later some playing cards.

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After reading, you can get your hands on a Vorpal Blade several ways.
Purchase at Epic Weapons
Auction at Epic Weapons

You can also see the Blade at the Epic Booth during this year’s Comic Con. More info can be found in the press release.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better to commamorate Alice by having it re-released digitally at gog.com or something?

  2. Ugh this is making me so mad.
    I LOVE Alice 🙁 I played Alice Madness Returns last month, it took about a week to finish it, after I finished it I nearly cryed! It was such a awesome game! Although…I hated the ocean level and the chinese style level where you had to find the octopus and save the ghost, the clocks went down way too fast! I made my sister do the puzzle pieces, my favorite level has to be the red queen level you got to be a giant! So awesome!!!!! Anyways, I’m here to say American McGee/Spicy horse NEEDS to make a sequel to Alice, call it Alice Madness Returns Again or something xD it’ll make everyone happy!!! The ending was a drag…like what happened? Did she get to go back “home”? Did anyone find out she killed him? Like oh my lord I want to know! The cheshire cat was amazing in the game too with his snarky comments 🙂 the hatter made me mad at some point, but seriously McGee can make another “wonderland” 🙂 I know it’s not going to happen though. *sigh* sadness v.v

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