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The Vorpal Bag

“Mysterious” is a new online shop where I’ll be bringing fairy tale themes to a new domain – handmade bags. As with many of my games, each new bag will draw inspiration from a well-known fairy tale – such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, or The Wizard of Oz. Each story may inspire several distinct offerings – a “Red Bag,” “Big Teeth Bag,” and “Hunter’s Bag,” from world of Red Riding Hood, for example.

I’m starting with my favorite fairytale: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. And the first bag from this universe will be “The Vorpal Bag.” It will feature iconography, textures, and materials inspired by my twist on the Alice books. Up next will be a bag designed with Red Riding Hood in mind, “The Big Teeth Bag.”

The Big Teeth Bag
The Big Teeth Bag

Each bag will be offered in limited editions and for a limited period of time.

A full-blown site where you can acquire these bags will be launching soon.

If you’d like to be notified when the site is launched and new bags are made available, please provide your name and email address below. Your email address will be used ONLY for notices related to Mysterious – and you can easily opt-out at any time.

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