All Paths Lead to Death

Dear Insane Children, 

Back today with a new image from Omri and the link for this week’s LIVE STREAM. It’s set for May 25th @ 9AM HKT (6PM on 24th for people in US PST). Click that link to set a reminder for the event! Heed! Now!

For the next-next stream I’d like to set the time to align with our Patrons in the EU-ish part of the world but need some advice on timing. Check out this LINK which will take you to a chart like this… 

Have a browse and suggest a time you think would work best for those of you in the EU-ish part of the world. Ideally between the hours of 8AM and 8PM HKT. 

Onto the ART!!!

Omri says of this beautiful new image: 

…for me the story is that some of the soldiers protested the queen so she Chopped their heads off. The cemetery in my mind is located somewhere in the large maze around the castle, you can see the Queen Becoming who she was in the first game by the area with tentacles. When i imagined Alice visiting the graves of her family, i thought of the terrible guilt she felt for surviving, so i tried to capture that. 

Shout out to cosplayer Eva Sirin, the model in this image.

Amazing piece of art. Seems like it would make a great Patron reward?

And Alex also sends along a revised version of the Chaos Coin which returns to the original design of the chaos symbol…

I like this a lot more and I think feels more like the Chaos Coin I had in mind. I can see this making a beautiful physical item as well as being very nice in-game. For details on the Chaos Coin, required pledge level, etc please check THIS POST.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and questions regarding Omri’s latest artwork and Alex’s revised Chaos Coin in the comments below. We’ll go through all your comments and feedback in the upcoming live stream. Yay! 

PS: I wrote an update regarding the embroidered patches in a recent post HERE. But it seems a lot of you (who are sending PM’s and emails) missed that. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and you’ll find details about production and delivery of the patches.

From Shanghai with Love, 


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