Pitch Review (in the EU) Part Deux

Dear Insane Children,

We have in-hand an updated version of the Alice: Asylum PPT! That means it’s time for another review of the license presentation – this time full of art and fury. Yay! 

For those of you in the UK/EU – Good News: We’re starting this week’s live stream May 30th, 7PM HKT, 12PM London Time. Click THIS LINK to set a reminder so you can join us and provide feedback in real time. 

For those of you NOT in the EU-ish time zone – sorry 🙁 You’ll be sleeping (or just waking up) for this one, but the stream will post to YouTube for later viewing and feedback.

Here’s a sample (3 out of 20 pages) of what we’re looking at during this week’s stream…

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS HOLY – The text / info contained here IS NOT FINAL. The first person to write “Only 10-12 hour play experience?!?!?” is going to get Lulu mailed to their house for a biting (please mail her back when she’s done biting you)! 

We’ll talk about text details during the live stream – and work to make all this stuff final ASAP. When the text is final I’ll tell you, “This text is final” – and THAT is the time when you can comment on specifics 😉

For this review we’re looking at the general content of the PPT; the overall art / presentation of it; reviewing for clarity, flow, etc.

I look forward to seeing all of EU on the live stream tomorrow! 

Update on Embroidered Patches and Chaos Coins:

The coin factory is working on a mold for manufacturing. We should be able to see an actual coin in a week or so. We’re also looking at a “floating” frame to include with each Chaos Coin… something like this:

Our goal is to include the frame for free (as part of the current $35 pledge reward when we hit 2000 Patrons). I just think it would be nice for the coin to come with a display case so you can store it and show it off at the same time. What do you think? Would you prefer this or a “coin box” – we need to choose one or the other…

For the Embroidered Patches – the factory says they will be finished with manufacturing on June 1st at the latest. Everything will then be sent to our warehouse in Shenzhen. From there it’s 20~30 days for delivery around the world. So… fingers crossed, you should have these in your anxious little hands by end of June. 

From Shanghai with Love, 

-American (and Lulu)

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