PATCHES, PPT, (un)-Packing

Dear Insane Children, 

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I am writing to you from the new underground lair out in the QingPu District of Shanghai. We spent all of last week packing and prepping to move – and then 7 hours on Saturday loading/moving/unloading two big trucks. It’s amazing how much crap can be accumulated in a house / studio over the course of 8 years! 

Now in the new location, we’re busy unpacking and exploring the new space. Once everything is set up this will be a wonderful location for our Mysterious Studio and YouTube Live Stream studio. But right now… it’s a bit of madness! 

That’s the underground lair (Lulu for scale) in which the Mysterious studio and our live stream space will live. 

Having now spent a few hours exploring the local area we’re at a loss as to why we didn’t make this move sooner. Things are just better out here – cheaper, cleaner, quieter, less crowded, more friendly, and featuring all the amenities necessary for expat life in China (namely a very impressive cheese shop!)

Anyway, more on the move as we unpack and get everything set up!


The patches shipped last week (June 18th) and should take anywhere from 7 to 30 days to arrive in most locations around the world. We’ve already seen reports of patches arriving with Patrons in the USA. Since they ship from Shenzhen, China you can create a rough estimate of delivery time based on how long it might normally take a package to go from Hong Kong to your home country via standard overseas post. 

The patches shipped with tracking – but WAIT – please, do not write to us asking for tracking details unless a) it’s past July 10th and b) you feel reasonably certain you live in a place with “normal” post delivery times. For example, if you live in Chile, and it normally takes longer for mail to get to you, then please refrain from writing to inquire why your patches have not yet arrived. 

In the event of (a) and (b) above and you still want a tracking link then PM us here on Patreon. Martin can then pull your info and provide a link. 

If you missed your chance to get the patches via the promotion here on Patreon then you can still grab them (while supplies last) via the Mysterious Shop

Lastly… If you did get patches via Patreon and are confused/upset about the fact that they are also selling on Mysterious, please note that our Patreon Goal allowed you to get the patch set for $5 (which is the cost of our shipping these to the USA – never mind Chile) and that we’re selling them for $24.99 (plus $5 shipping) on Mysterious in order to protect the “value” of the reward for being a Patron. 


Another way to get your hands on Patches is to win the contest we’re currently running over on Instagram. Simply reply to THIS POST with an @ to a friend and you’ll be automatically in the running to win patches. We’ll pull a handful of names out of those who enter.

We’ll announce winners during this week’s live stream… 


Live Stream on Thursday, June 28th @ 9AM Hong Kong Time

If you are confused about time/dates and the dateline in general, I highly recommend using International Meeting Planner to look at times/dates. 

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder – and while you are there make sure you are Subscribed and that you’ve hit the “Bell Icon” for notification when we go live. Thing is… even if you set a reminder, subscribe, and hit the bell icon, there’s a good chance YouTube still won’t tell you when we go live. So… maybe also set a reminder on your calendar/phone. /shakes fist at YouTube

During the live stream we’ll discuss what we think is the FINAL version of the Alice: Asylum PPT. This is what we’re going to print and mail to EA along with Chaos Coins, Embroidered Patches, and other physical stuff we’ve been working on. 

OK… I have to get back to unpacking. 

From the Underground Lair,

-American (and Lulu)

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