No Redress for the Red Queen

Dear Insane Children, 

Whew! Finally back in Shanghai after a whirlwind of travel to Thailand. During my time there I caught up with Liz and Jamie of Followtheboat – who are slowly making their way around the world aboard a boat with a cat. If you like posh British accents, boats, cats, or just the simple schadenfreude that comes from seeing people stuck in a marina for ages on end (that’s why I follow them)… check out their Patreon page! Lots of great writing, photos, and video of their challenges and adventures. 

Meanwhile back in the Land of Wonder work continues on our pre-production of Alice: Asylum. 

  • Asylum Presentation is in EA’s hands and initial response is positive.
  • Meetings this week with financiers interested in the Development Village concept.
  • Printed License Presentations arriving this week – for signing and delivering to all who ordered them (lots of you!)
  • We’re at 1771 Patrons – only 229 new Patrons to go before we unlock the Chaos Coin reward.
  • Chaos Coin reward package designed, samples delivered – beautiful stuff!
  • Lots of new art, story, design progress made by the team – like the Red Dress from Omri (above) and the Secret Garden from Joey (below).
  • More and more content going into the Wiki each day.

Joey continues her work on the Tarot Card ideas and has sent along a spreadsheet (attached to this post) containing some ideas for character associations with various cards. She’s asking for YOUR feedback on these ideas – so if you are a tarot expert and have thoughts to share, please do so in the comments below. 

NEW RULE: For future livestreams we’re putting in place a rule to help with reading and responding to your comments. In the background we’ll continue reading all your comments and collecting your ideas as they come in. But for future livestreams we will not read every single comment live – we simply do not have time. If you have a question please make it clear by using a “?” and calling out: “QUESTION: …” Do try to keep your questions limited to those things you cannot easily find via Google. 

We will still read out and discuss comments and suggestions which are particularly interesting – or those design ideas you put forth which feel like the sort which might end up in the game. 

You can leave your thoughts on this in the comments below! 😛

Jennifer is working on a new set of embroidered patches. This is the latest for the White Rabbit. I wrote back to her with this feedback: 

I think the cravat is confusing the concept. It took me a minute to figure out where the rabbit is in there!

I think #1 is in the right direction but the rabbit’s silhouette needs help. Don’t be afraid to render it as a realistic (ie non-Wonderland) rabbit… it’s meant to be a calling card that those of us “in the club” to display in the real world. To normies it should look normal and maybe a bit cryptic. It shouldn’t come off as too fantastical or magical (though the symbols might lead someone to believe there’s a religious / magik feel to it?). 

I was thinking… it’s like the sign marking the entrance to a speakeasy or those “hobo glyphs”

Perhaps I am overthinking this… but I want to get it right because the final symbol is something we could carry forward into the game, merch, etc.  

And of course there’s the fantastic new dress from Omri (the main image for this post). There’s something about Alice’s face and hair style in this one which distinctly reminds me of Rachel from “Blade Runner” – appropriate I guess since they were both a sort of mechanical doll? 

Omri is working on a new set of dresses based on the Jabberwock… those will be interesting I bet! 

Alright… have at it in the comments below. We’ll cover your QUESTIONS and (interesting) comments in this week’s live stream. A reminder for that will be sent out in the next Patreon post of this week. 

I’m off to dig out from all the work piled up in my absence. And Lulu needs a pet. 

From Shanghai with Love, 


Question for live stream must be posed as a question in the comments below.

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