All the World’s a Stage…

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…

(the entire dialog is worth a read)

Dear Insane Children,

Our little heroine has so many parts! All these costumes seriously have me thinking about the “fashion simulator” aspect of the new game. I can imagine Alice entering Wonderland after the fire with a very limited set of dress options – perhaps she only has the Denial Dress? And we then explore through Wonderland collecting the elements necessary to craft the next outfit? In some instances these become a sort of badge/skin representing the progress she’s made. In other instances they might represent a concept or mask being forced on Alice by some dark aspect of her psyche? 

In all cases we might want to allow a certain degree of customization by, you, the players. What differentiates your version of the Rage Dress from my version of that same dress? Maybe… these Embroidered Patches we’re creating? Imagine collecting those all over Wonderland and having the ability to affix them to dresses – each of them imbuing the dress with additional powers and features. Stick a Cheshire Cat patch on your Rage Dress and enable night vision along the invisibility! Meow!

What powers or abilities would you give the patches we’ve made so far?

And behold the New and Improved Circus Dress! Wow. 

I didn’t say much about the original version of this dress because it wasn’t really doing it for me. My feedback to Omri was basically “make it more like the Tweedle outfits” – and he did just that in this revised version. Now I can say quite clearly: LOVE IT!

But I know what I think … let’s hear what YOU think – post your feedback along with QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS in the comments below. 

And did someone say Rage Dress? RAWR!!!

Omri’s done a slight reimagining of the original Little Red Dress. He asks “Can every dress turn red?” which sounds like a question the Cheshire Cat might respond to with, “We’re all red on the inside…” Just need to make a few incisions. 

We’re adding all these dresses along with design notes over on the Asylum Wiki. This week we’re also adding a few new Community Editors who will take your feedback and our design notes and make sure those make it into the wiki where appropriate. We’re also looking for ways to link your Discord discussions to the content going into the Wiki. Please let us know via SUGGESTIONS below and by sharing your thoughts on Discord – how can we further enable the Crowd Design concept via these tools? 

Your input and ideas are CRITICAL!

Omri also shares a progression chart for the White Rabbit – as seen from the asylum (real world) and heading into Wonderland. I asked him for this because I intend to have White Rabbit play a much larger role in Asylum. He’ll be by Alice’s side as companion and guide. And I believe he’ll play a big role in the overall narrative of the new game. More on that later… 

Following the White Rabbit… This week on Friday I’m heading (back) to YiWu in search of manufacturers who can produce plush toys, metal figurines, and a ton of other fun stuff. I’ve actually been to YiWu before and posted a vlog of that trip over on YouTube. If you’ve never heard of it before, YiWu is the world’s largest wholesale market… thousands of showrooms for all the factories in China which make al the things the world consumes. If you have a “Made in China” thing nearby (and you most certainly do) then chances are it began its journey to the West via a showroom in YiWu.  

Who wants a White Rabbit Plush Toy? Might make for a good Patron Goal in the future.

Ah, and speaking of Patron Goals… we’re only 3 days away from August 31st. If you want a Chaos Coin then MAKE SURE you’ve set your Patreon Pledge to $35 (or higher). Do it NOW. Then keep it there until September 17th. That will ensure you get the world’s most awesome Alice collector item!

From Shanghai with Clowns,


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