Physical Things – Patches and Boxes

Dear Insane Children,

Just posting these up here quickly…


The first image is Patch Set #2 – with the new A4 size background card from Alex. That’s the actual card size and the sample patches. We’re going to replace the Lulu patch with a Mercury Symbol Patch – Lulu will be reserved as a special patch available to Patrons (and used for future giveaways). 

Remember, Patch Set #2 is currently set as our next Patreon Goal. When we hit 3222 Patrons the goal unlocks. All Patrons at $10 and above the month the goal unlocks will have a Patch Set mailed to them (free shipping, anywhere in the world). So… let’s hit that goal! 

And the Rabbit Box… Also a new design from Alex… let’s hear your feedback in the comments! 

From Shanghai while Packing Bags, 


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