Halloween 2018 Special Offer

Dear Spooky Children, 

Font Lord called me this morning and said, “Oye, gov! It’s been a year since we started this bloody Patreon, so perhaps we should offer Ye Olde One Year Special!” To which I replied, “Avast me timbers! Aye, matey!” 

We continued speaking Ye Olde and Pirate Talk until we got all confused and came up with this plan… I hope it’s not too confusing!

Pledge at the $75 Tier for the month of October and get TWO PRINTS! 

We’ve selected the Cheshire and Queen posters by Alex. And here’s how it works…

If you’re already at the $75 Tier from previous months and stay there for October then you’ll get two prints! Yay!

If October is your First Month at the $75 Tier then you’ll also receive a Chaos Necklace. Double Yay!

And if you’re at the $35 Tier working your way towards an Art Print Selection then keep in mind it’s any three $35 months (does not have to be consecutive). So you can do the $75 tier for October then return to the $35 Tier at a later date and continue until you hit three. Triple Yay! 

How To Take Advantage of this Offer

RIGHT NOW: Make sure your pledge and tier are at $75 (or higher)

THEN WAIT: Until November 15th

That’s it! You’ll get the art prints (and Chaos Necklace if this is your first month at $75). You can then adjust your pledge and continue on your merry way. 

  • Shipping is FREE! 
  • We mail art prints and necklaces everywhere in the world. 
  • You choose a Large or Small necklace via SurveyMonkey later.
  • Posters are shipped in sturdy cardboard shipping tubes. 
  • Posters measure 68cm x 47cm printed on heavy post stock.
  • Art prints will be available later at Mysterious (at a higher price).

These items would make a fantastic Holiday Present for that special Alice fan in your life. And everything will ship and arrive in time for the holidays so… Treat someone or Treat yourself!


All this is really meant to be a big Thank You to all of you who have come with us on this insane journey. So much art, story, and creativity have flowed from this process and we’re just getting started! I really appreciate the support, love, and energy you’ve poured into our little asylum. 

From Shanghai with Tricks, 

-Spooky American and Spoopy Lulu

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