Hoppity Shadow Pirates

Dear Insane Children, 

First up, a reminder about tomorrow’s Livestream on YouTube where special guest Roger L. Jackson (voice of the Cheshire Cat) will join us for a Halloween chat!

Hit THIS LINK to visit YouTube and set a reminder. We’re going live at 6PM PST (San Francisco time) on October 31st, (that’s Halloween – woooo). 

And we’re giving away literal FRIKKEN SKULLS for prizes this time around… can’t get more spooky than that!

Pirate Jam 2019

Arg, mateys! You’ll have noticed the video up-top which is the Pirate Jam 2019 Promo video. We’re taking submissions for potential pirates over on the Pirate Jam website. Hit THIS LINK if you want to check it out and sign up. 

I kinda feel like the Insane Children aren’t all that into Pirate Jam? 

Would love to hear feedback from everyone on ways the event might be made more exciting for Insane Children and for normal people who aren’t in the asylum. 

Have any of you watched the videos from the first two events? Anything stand out as particularly entertaining – or deadly boring? How might we improve what’s on offer? 

And… how many of you are game developers potentially interested in joining? Are you hesitating to sign up? If so, why? What sort of questions or concerns might you have?

Anyway, I’m excited for the 2019 event. We’ve got sponsors, ships, and core crew lined up and ready to go! Still plenty to be done on route planning and event setup – but since PJ2019 isn’t until April, 2019, we’ve got time… 

Rabbit Update

Omri sent along an updated image for the White Rabbit Plush. He’s  included additional details and instructions. And we have 4 (!) factories working on prototypes now, so I expect we’ll see some interesting results before too long. I’ve asked them to split between some factories doing Omri’s design (above) and Joey’s design (shared in the previous post here on Patreon.

Hey – did you order something from Mysterious in order to get a free Mini White Rabbit? If so, please note that these little guys ship separately from your main order – especially true if you’re ordering one of Jennifer’s nifty new clothing designs which have recently gone up. So, please refrain from writing to ask where your free rabbit is – he’s hopping his way to you all the way from China. Hop, hop! Give him a little time 🙂

The Shadow Self

And Omri sends along an updated version of the “Shadow Self” image he’s working on. 

Good timing since a lot of the recent talks I’ve had with RJ regarding the Alice: Asylum narrative revolve around the concept of the shadow self. We’re exploring ideas for how Shadow Alice interacts with “regular” Alice – and how the story of the two characters might intertwine, conflict, and eventually resolve. 

RJ is currently playing with ideas related to the narrative perspective on Asylum. He’s curious if we might be interested in seeing young Alice’s story as told by post-Madness Returns Alice. This idea opened up a can of (good) worms in terms of origin and resolution of Alice’s story in general. 

We spoke quite a lot regarding prequels – specifically RJ’s experience working for Lucas Arts and seeing first hand how the Star Wars franchise was driven into the ground with the “shall not be mentioned” episodes. So, we’re definitely avoiding *that* trap (thanks, Admiral Akbar). 

I’ve pasted a collection of notes and outline material into the Asylum Wiki. And the Wiki now has a Comment function which you can use after you create a Wiki account. 

Alright – we’ll go over more of this stuff on tomorrow’s stream! Don’t miss it! 

And be sure to get your QUESTIONS into the comments below so Font Lord and I can put those in front of Roger!

From Shanghai with Arg, 

-Captain Madcap (that’s my pirate name)

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