Capons of Mass Production

Dear Insane Children, 

Well, that was fast! The Rabbit Makers have turned around a new prototype. This one includes a stitched nose and a black eye. Seriously, you guys, giving little rabbits black eyes?

I did notice a flurry of “moar longer arms!” comments on the previous post and wanted to say… 

His arms are fine. I think the fact that they look short in that image has to do with lens distortion and perspective. I’ve shown him to several “picky people” (designers, artists, Martin) and none of them mentioned anything about the arms. When prompted, they did a proper “arms inspection” and determined there to be no issue. The UN has verified these reports. 

That’s it! We’re pulling the trigger on the manufacture of a bazilliion rabbits!


Hey, if you want to help us reach the Rabbit Goal sooner, we first need to cross the Goal for the 2nd set of Embroidered Patches. That happens at 2800 Patrons. Everyone at $10 and above gets the Patch Set sent anywhere in the world with free shipping (and a tracking number – which if you request too early we’ll send Lulu to bite your face). It’s a sweet deal and it gets us closer to Releasing the Rabbits. 

I expect the Rabbits will be ready to ship in January 2019… so, let’s hit those goals! 

PS: Lots of art and fun stuff in the next update. Stay tuned!

From Shanghai with a Black Eye,


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