Mushroom Brains

Dear Insane Children, 

Since my return from Thailand I’ve been running around in a state of Mushroom Brains – which makes the latest concept sketch from Joey all the more appropriate! This is the initial sketch which she’ll turn into a full-color poster and we can offer as a print to Patrons. It’s going to be beautiful! 

Things turning my brain to mush Post-Thailand…

1) Pre-planning for Pirate Jam 2019 based on all the location info collected during this journey – along with prepping a presentation of our potential sponsors. 

2) Sorting of information, video, pictures, incentives, locations, people – and all the other stuff gathered around the idea of a new Development Studio in Thailand… then transforming this into a presentation for potential investors. 

3) Catch-up on all the shipping, customer service, and updates required for Mysterious customers, Kickstarter backers (Out of the Woods), and Patron rewards. 

4) And a MAJOR Life Event which I cannot speak of just yet… but… um, WOW. They say nothing ever prepares you for this and/or you’re never ready, and… well, yeah! More on that when the time is right! 

But. It’s all good! 2019 is going to be an absolute circus! 

Speaking of the circus… here’s the latest from Omri (collaboration with Joey) where he’s brought the circus vibe into the Denial stage at the start of Asylum. Clowns… why’d it have to be clowns?!

First Livestream of 2019

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder over on YouTube for this week’s livestream.

We’ll take a look at Asylum artwork, videos and pictures from the Thailand exploration trip (new studio and Pirate Jam 2019), plus talk about shipping thousands of Rewards to Out of the Woods backers around the world.

So much to cover! This is scheduled for 10AM on Thursday the 10th Hong Kong Time. That’s 6PM on the 9th in Los Angeles. 

Be sure to get all your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS into the comments below! 

White Rabbit Update

A big WELCOME to all the new Insane Children who’ve joined us as we push to unlock the White Rabbit Plush at 3222 Patrons! All 5000 of the White Rabbits are manufactured and delivered… so we just need to hit that goal! 

But first, I had an idea: How about we link the White Rabbit with an in-game perk? With the Chaos Coin you got your name on the Coin (in-game). 

How would you feel if we made ownership of the White Rabbit a key to unlocking a special/exclusive White Rabbit Dress for Alice in-game? Or a pair of White Rabbit Bunny Ears? Or… any other ideas? Let’s decide and then ask Omri to render something for us!

I think the Rabbit + Bag + Lulu Patch are a pretty awesome reward as-is but I also forgot that I always wanted to link our physical rewards with something in-game… so… What shall it be? 

 Let me know in the comments below!

Happy to Be Back!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the next livestream! 

From Shanghai with Love, 

-American (and Lulu! Yay!) 

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