Rabbit Surveys…. SENT !!

Hi Everyone

Martin here again.

So, I have now sent out the Backerkit surveys for all the Plush People to fill in.
Exciting stuff.

Everyone check your inboxes, and spam folders associated with the email address you have given here on Patreon.
If you don’t see anything yet, you probably fall into one of these next categories.

1) Try waiting a bit longer.  I know emails are supposed to be instant. But they’re often not.  Try looking again a bit later.

2) Try searching for your email with a text search.  Look for the word “Backerkit” or “Plushie” or “Rabbit”. This should highlight the Backerkit survey mail if you’ve received it.

3) ‘Some’ of you still didn’t have your February payments taken when I extracted the Patreon data on the 18th.  But I’m going to manually check these people in the next 2 days so YOU HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN, but your survey will come a bit later.
You can check your own account to see if you fall into this category by looking at when your payment was taken, so please don’t ask us to check.  If you paid $45 and above any time after the 18th, then this section is for you.

I think that’s covered everything, but as ever, I’m sure you guys probably have questions not covered here.
So, pop them in the comments if needed   🙂

– Cheers

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