The Blade of Indifference

Dear Insane Children,

The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Hate implies a strong emotional attachment between the subjects and in many cases is a component of love or at least a sort of caring. Hate cannot be related to something or someone for whom you don’t care.

Indifference is the rejection of the value of an individual or object. It is the death of care and concern. And when directed at someone who we once cared for results in resentment, disrespect, pain, and death.

No one deserves your indifference. That is a blade reserved for only the most brutal of enemies. For there is very often no coming back from the damage caused by indifference. The destruction of trust, the violence against an individual’s value.

Everyone and everything has value. Even if that value is to teach you that even Chaos has a purpose.

Omri is working on a beautiful new poster image for Alice: Asylum featuring the Red Queen and King. This preview is only a small sample of the larger image which I’ll reveal to you here exclusively on Patreon. We’ll also make this new poster image available as an art print for those of you at the art print tiers.

Heading Home Soon

Yan and I are wrapping up everything here in Thailand. Chaos (the sailboat) comes out of the water today – heading for the boat yard where she’ll get some summertime R&R. I won’t be back to see her until the next sailing season (October? November? Hard to say just yet). 

We have a busy summer ahead of us! Lots of story, art, design to tackle. And, fingers crossed, we’ll get some positive movement on the business development side of things as well!

My brain is also filling with story ideas for a collection of modern day fairytales. Look forward to sharing those ideas with you all soon. 

How are you? Is it getting warmer where you are? What’s in store for the summer? 

I’ll write again once we’re back home in Shanghai. 

From Tai-?-Land,

-American & Yan & Lili the Littlest Pirate

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