The Easter Bunny (Killer)

Dear Insane Children, 

Happy Easter to you all! Here in China we don’t really celebrate Easter. But I remember China + Jesus being one of those things that got me in trouble as a kid in Sunday School. I distinctly recall asking the teacher, “But what about all those kids in China? Won’t they go to hell if Jesus doesn’t speak Chinese?”

Teacher’s response: (frown)

Anyway, now I am in China and I’m pretty sure Jesus never came to visit here. There just aren’t that many Mexican food places. I think he’d starve to death. (In case you don’t get the joke: I grew up in Texas and often saw Jesus represented as Hispanic).

Cheshire Kitten Plush

Omri sends along an updated version of the Cheshire Kitten Plush (above). 

Based on the last few posts on this topic I think we’re all leaning pretty heavily towards “make a plush now, make other stuff later” – right? So… we’ll focus on the plush for now and do other stuff later (or at the same time for some of those things). 

Let us know in the comments below how you feel about these updates. He’s had his ears adjusted; been made to look a little more wicked/evil; and apparently has a … butt… now? Most of this is per your requests. I don’t know about the butt. Who suggested that?!

Anyway, comments! Feedback! 

Alex sent along some simple renders of Alice … mostly as a test or suggestion for images we might put on future bags, shirts, etc. But I thought this might also be a good way to show the sort of bag I was thinking for the Cheshire Plush. Now… we could go all “historically accurate” and do another canvas bag (as with the White Rabbit Plush bag). 

Or we could do something in waterproof nylon and make it 100% functional as a daily-use item. Personally, I am leaning towards something like the design you see above. Maybe in black? Maybe with a Cheshire Kitten paw print on one side and one of our favorite Cheshire Cat Quotes on the other side? 

What do you think of that idea? What quote would you put on the other side of the bag? 

Feedback around the bag idea in general? 

Sample Process Started

While we continue to collect your feedback on these designs I’ve sent this latest illustration to our plush makers and asked them to consider how they might tackle this task. They’re already asking me about materials, eyes, stitching, size, etc… 

Once we have a range of options put together, I’ll share that info here for your consideration. 

This is fun! I really like making toys! How about you? 

From Shanghai with Lulu Bunny,


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