Queen of Horrors

Dear Insane Children, 

Have you ever encountered chaos? I mean Capital “C”  Chaos. The kind that obliterates the nature of reality and strips meaning from the bones of your life? An encounter which eventually leads to an understanding of the religious “Hell” as a frame of existence waiting for us, inside us, right here on earth?

I know it’s become fashionable in some circles to wear victim-hood like a literal hood so people see our scars as who we are. But when you’ve experienced true Chaos you realize that scars don’t really change you. They can’t reshape who are you are. They are, like tattoos, surface reflections of an idea of event. 

Chaos doesn’t leave scars. It leaves nothing. It dissolves the semblance of order and leaves in its place a void, a vacuum. A scar is something you can see and touch. On your arm, where the oil splashed and burnt you to the bone. Chaos removes your arm.

When it’s done there’s nothing left but to rebuild. From scratch and with only one arm. Blinded by confusion, rage, pain, and crushed from within by a big gaping hole which uselessly swallows everything you throw into it. 

But you can and must rebuild. That’s who we are. Agents of change bringing order to the Chaos. 

Off With Her Head

Omri sends along a visage from the depths of Chaos. Who knew… something good could come out of those terrible Star Wars movies!

And a suitable environment in which she can live. 

I really love the detail of Alice’s White Rabbit Plush being held hostage in a cage. This will form a critical plot point in Asylum and provide the leverage necessary for the Queen to order Alice to do her bidding. 

Let’s hear your thoughts on Chaos, Queens, and Hostages in the comments below!

Live Stream

Seems I’ve stabilized the VPN connection (for now). Sadly, I received news that the recent turbulence being experienced across China is related to the upcoming May holidays (Labor Day) and is expected to last 2+ months. Rumor has it the PRC government is anxious about unrest and taking steps to keep people calm and orderly. That includes extending the May holiday while encouraging people to take nice vacations, plus clamping down on Internet communications. Arg!

Anyway, let’s do this thing! 9AM Hong Kong Time, 6PM PST… the usual:

Hit THIS LINK to head over to YouTube and set a reminder. 

Got QUESTIONS or SUGGESTIONS you’d like addressed? Drop them into the comments below so that Font Lord can print them out and bring them to the stream! 

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 

From Shanghai with Lulu, 


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