End o’ the Month Update

Hi Everyone  

Fontlord here, taking a little time out from lording over my fontly subjects to remind you about all the different options that you could do before being charged at the beginning of June.  

Of course, if you’re simply wanting the Rutledge Tags, make sure you’re set at the $15 (or above) tier level before the month ends.   
Expertly modelled here by Lulu…

FAQ About the Rutledge Tags can be found HERE.


But take a look at this fantastic image below, this is the art print we’ll be giving away for those charged at the $75 level at the beginning of June.
It’s also going to be a choice for those who have done 3 months at the $35 tier from this point onward.    
Dark Wonderland by Omri.

And it gets even better, if you do set yourself to the $75 tier and that’s the first time you’ve ever been at $75, you’ll be getting….
* The Dark Wonderland Art Print
* A Rutledge Tag
* And a Chaos Necklace
How awesome is that?

So, basically you have just over a day to decide if you want to be at the $15, $35 or $75 tier levels depending on which fantastic items you want to receive.

Still confused?  PM US HOOMIN !!! 


In other news, we continue to investigate the viability of the Art of Alice Cosplay Coffee Table Book idea.
(Please like and follow the Facebook page if you’re interested  🙂 https://www.facebook.com/alicecosplayofficial/  

Here is the basic outline of what we believe the book/Kickstarter will look like. So please take a look at these specs and let us know in the comments bellow if you think you’d be interested in supporting the Kickstarter when launched or if you have concerns or other advice and comments on the subject.

Size = 13″ x 11″
This is actually pretty big and would lead to some incredible high quality pics.

Length = Around 200 Pages
We’re hoping to feature at least 100 Cosplayers, so this guesstimate doesn’t seem far off.

Price = $45 to $60
We’re thinking of two versions. A normal cover and a shiny/embossed/UV coated version. Also there will be Early Bird specials and such on Kickstarter, but this should be the range of prices depending on when you sign up and which you go for.

So, there you go.  Tell us how you feel     🙂  

Big hugs from Font Manor, deep in the heart of Fontsbury.

– Cheers

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