Final (?) Revisions to the Cheshire Plush

Dear Insane Children, 

Omri’s supplied us with a (final?) revisions sheet for the Cheshire Kitten Plush. This is based on your feedback here on Patreon and via our weekly livestreams over on YouTube. 

We had a fun livestream yesterday in which the Cheshire Kitten and your comments pertaining to him were discussed at length. If you miss a livestream you can always watch it later. 

Hit THIS LINK to see the one from yesterday. 

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Crowd Design Kitten

In this (final?) round of feedback we’re still trying to get more shape out of the head. Though I did discover yesterday that the head shape can be “adjusted” by smushing (technical term) his head. And I realized that perhaps the “flatness” we’re seeing is a result of compression during shipping. Something to keep in mind when your kitten arrives at your door!

We’re also asking for some adjustments to the size and placement of his tattoos. 

Lastly, we’re asking for exact colors to be used on his gums and nose. The question of gum/nose color was also discussed yesterday – and voted on! The lighter “peach” color won in a landslide vs. the red color. Though this might not be technically accurate (when compared to a marketing illustration of the Cheshire) it certainly feels “right” when looked at in context of this plush toy. The peach color is just much more complimentary and suitable in this situation. And, hey, he’s a kitten. Maybe he’s not become totally blood-soaked just yet? 

What happens next? We’ll send this revision requests to the workshop. They’ll produce another sample (takes around 2 weeks). We’ll review that sample and – if approved – we’ll push it into mass production. 

That means we still have another sample coming upon which we can comment. 

As I said on the stream, it’s difficult to address a single issue raised by a single individual, as doing so based on hundreds of individual points of feedback would result in this (or any project) never getting done. If you feel there’s something *super important* which needs to be addressed in this process then it’s best if you can get a group of people on your side to argue that point. That doesn’t guarantee we can always address the request but it will help the request gain more visibility. 

You can jump to a portion of “Kitten Review” from the livestream HERE

Tags Are Done!

The workshop creating the necklaces and individually numbers tags has completed their production task! Yay! 

These are being sent to our logistics partner and will then start making their way to Insane Children around the world. 

Lots of people report finding the survey email in their spam folder by searching for the word “survey” – try that! 

If you still have questions or concerns regarding the tags PM US!

Hit THIS LINK to learn how to do that. 

Vorpal Umbrellas SOLD OUT

With add-ons to the Insane Tags so many of you selected the Black Handle Vorpal Umbrella that they SOLD OUT. If you added on one of these (after they sold out), it’s been automatically removed from your order. And we’re going to UNLOCK your order so you can go back and add the Silver Handle Vorpal Umbrella (in case you’d like to switch). 

Just be aware, there are only 95 of the Silver Handle Umbrellas remaining in stock. 

You have until next Friday (21st of June) to make any changes to your unlocked order. 

If you have any questions about this issue PM US!

 Hit THIS LINK to learn how to do that.  

(Please, don’t post questions about support, rewards, shipping, etc in the Comments or Community Section. We can’t effectively keep track of and respond to issues there. Thank you for your understanding!) 

The Next Art Print

“Perfectly Unbalanced” is the latest amazing illustration from Omri and it’s scheduled to be the art print going out automatically to those of you at the $75 Tier. It will also be made available as a print you can select if you’re doing the $35/3 Tier. 

This is certainly one of my favorite art prints of late and will end up being framed and hung in a place of honor at my house.

As always, looking forward to your feedback in the comments below!

And a quick reminder that all this art, creativity, and amazing progress is a direct result of YOUR loving support. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. So a giant THANK YOU! 

There’s some interesting (but slow) progress going on behind the scenes… hope I can say more about that stuff soon! 

From Shanghai with Fun Secrets, 

-American (and Lulu – in the doghouse for going in the trashcan!)

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