Cheshire Kitten Collector Set – Mid-July Update

Dear Insane Children, 

Got TONS done during this Stream-Free week. Really appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience while we took a break from YouTube/Discord stuff and focused on business development tasks related to Alice: Asylum, Pirate Jam 2020, and Mysterious. Yay!

Still lots going on behind the scenes – new art, design work, and more… All will be shared next week.

But I wanted to quickly share an update related to the Cheshire Kitten Collector Set. 

Cheshire Kitten Collector Set Update

The revised Cheshire Cat Nylon Bag arrived. And it looks great!

Above you’ll see Lulu posing with the bag and final Cheshire Kitten prototype. She says they’re both, “Grrrreat!” (You might notice the little scar on her chest near her left leg – she’s all healed and better now – tough little doggy). 

Here you can see front and back of the bag. 

And Omri sends along the final version of the Cheshire Cat’s “Lair of Curiosity” concept image. Who knows what secrets are locked away behind that door?

All I know is that our Insane Children (who grab this collector set) will be the first to find out.  Meow! (Someone on the Internet said, “A cardboard box.” Cat owners will understand and laugh). 

These updates mean we’re in possession of the complete set – Cheshire Kitten, Cheshire Cat Nylon Bag, Cheshire Cat Embroidered Patch, and the concept image for the Cheshire Cat’s Lair of Curiosity. Purrrrrfect!

There are a couple of items to note on the Cheshire Cat Bag before it’s considered final. 

First, the “reflective” idea just isn’t going to work. The factory tried, and failed, on two different samples to deliver something we’d approve. In both cases the paint-material was too thick, too easily damaged, and not at all reflective.

Next, the position and size of the print on both sides needs a bit of adjustment. I don’t know exactly how much can be done to improve what we see here, but an effort will be made to either increase the size of the bag or reduce the size of the printed area so that less clipping occurs around the edges. 

Aside from those two issues… do you see anything else we need to address? 

OH! The bag is fully reversible and that the reverse side is the red material you see around the top. It looks great reversed-legs or regular-legs. 

There’s also a little button-closed pocket on the inside. Neat!

It’s a REALLY NICE bag. You’re getting a really solid collector set with all this stuff. You’re spoiled, you know? 😛 

What’s Next?

First – DON’T DO ANYTHING with your pledge or Tiers right now! 

The promotion for the Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set will start August 2019.

The month we’re currently in is July 2019. We’re on Earth. A planet in… 

On or about August 5th we’ll create a Specific Tier for the Collector Set and we’ll lower the Goal Target amount to something more reasonable. THAT is when you can select that Tier (or stay at the $75 Tier) in order to capture this Reward. 

If you have additional questions… 

Check out THIS LINK to the Cheshire Kitten Plush Goal Explainer. 

Or if you see others struggling with questions, give them this link: (that goes to the Goal Explainer page)

If you’re still super confused, then send us a Private Message

Or if you see others struggling with how to PM us, give them this link:  (that goes to Lulu explaining how to PM us).

Other Ideas? Ways to Improve? 

One more request for feedback from those of you who were with us for the White Rabbit Collector Set promotion and fulfillment process. 

What might we improve? 

I was thinking that we should include a card with the Cheshire Kitten set which contains a bit of info. Such as “The Cheshire Cat Lair of Curiosity Code will be emailed to you prior to the launch of Alice: Asylum.” (That was a FAQ, whew boy).

What else? Let me know in the comments below. 

I want to make this set as complete and rewarding as possible. 

Looking forward to your feedback! 

From Shanghai in a Typhoon, 

-American (and Lulu)

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