Final Hours for Cheshire Kitten

Dear Insane Children,

This is an Automated Notification from the Cheshire Kitten Alert System

The Early Bird Special on the Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set expires at 11:59PM on August 31st, 2019. 

Look at your calendar. Is it still August 31st? Then you still have time!

To qualify and receive the Collector Set do the following:

Make sure your Tier and/or Pledge are set to $50 (or more) before September 1st.

That’s it! 

Here’s what you’ll receive… 

1x Cheshire Kitten Plush (very soft, slightly bitey)

1x Cheshire Cat Bag of Vanishing (put things in it, they vanish from sight)

1x Cheshire Cat Embroidered Patch (+5 to Scratch and +15 to Sarcasm)

1x Cheshire Cat Lair of Curiosity Early Access Code


All of that – mailed anywhere in the world – for a one-time pledge of $50USD. 



If you still have questions… really? We’ve been explaining this for a month! Anyway, hit THIS LINK and check out the Explainer Page

Better yet, just act! You’re an Insane Child. Act like one!


This has been an Automated Notification from the Cheshire Kitten Alert System.

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