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Dear Insane Children, 

We had an excellent Livestream over on YouTube yesterday in which we reviewed a TON of artwork, gave away a bunch of Cheshire Kittens, and covered a lot of other topics – Asylum story, Bumby as a shopkeeper, and more!

Hit THIS LINK to check it out. 

One of the topics we’ve discussed at length in recent online sessions is the role we’ll have Bumby play in Asylum. It’s been suggested (and explored visually) that he’s a shopkeeper in the central train station – a toy shop where Alice goes to purchase and upgrade her weapons. 

More than a few issues are brought up by this idea – not the least of which is people’s uncomfortable feeling at the idea of confronting (multiple times throughout the game) the primary antagonist from AMR. 

The rationale I’ve provided for why his placement in Asylum works is that Alice (at 13 years of age) doesn’t yet realize who or what he is. Therefore he can be paraded around in front of her… 

But Omri’s come up with an interesting suggestion which I like. Present Bumby as a shadowy “spider” type character who we never really see beyond his glasses. He’s lurking in the shadows of the shop and interacts with things via long insect-like legs. 

This can represent Alice’s fuzzy awareness of him as an adult in her previous life but doesn’t force us to directly confront him as the character we knew from AMR. 

I dunno… could work. What do you think? 

Crowd Design – Shadow Alice 

We also had a very good Crowd Design session over on Discord this week. If you missed it then hit THIS LINK to check it out on YouTube. 

We discussed Shadow Alice and the general nature of the story we’re trying to tell in Asylum. Also discussed with the process by which we’ll attempt to arrive at a compelling narrative. 

Mysterious Makeup

During that yesterday’s Livestream I also made mention of Mysterious Makeup – and asked whether or not our Insane Children felt it would be OK to share updates on this project here on Patreon. Everyone said “yes” and I don’t think I saw a single “no” so… 

Tomorrow I’ll host a Livestream with my wife Yan where she can discuss the progress being made on her Mysterious Makeup project. 

Join us via THIS LINK. It’s at 7PM PST on September 27th. 

One topic we’ll discuss is the naming of the colors contained in these two palettes. If you’d like to suggest a name (or names) then feel free to do so in the comments below. 

We’ll review your comments and suggestions during the stream tomorrow. 

Expect additional updates from Yan on the progress she’s making with box design, brush design, color selection, and other elements related to these two Makeup Box Sets. 

She would love to hear feedback and engage with everyone live during the stream tomorrow so please join us! 

More On The Way!

Lots going on behind the scenes and I need to find time to post more of the recent artwork our team’s cranking out. Expect that over the weekend! 

From Shanghai with Blood Rose Red, 


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