Enamel and Eyeshadow

Dear Insane Children, 

As you’re aware we’ve got Jennifer working on a collection of Enamel Pins which we’ll offer as a “Set of 4 + 1 Exclusive Pin” here on Patreon and then as just the “Set of 4” over on Mysterious. Final numbers of pins and the “exclusive” details are TBD… as are the selection of pins on offer. 

Another interesting pin design from Jen arrived last night – seen above – Hysteria Alice as seen from above. Which got me thinking… 

Yan is working on Mysterious Makeup and recently discovered that we can “stamp” designs onto the eyeshadows. Who knew? Here’s an example of what I’m talking about… 

And this got me thinking… 

Maybe our enamel pin designs can do double-duty as the “stamps” we use on the eyeshadows?! 

Here’s the list of ideas for names and symbols to go with the “Classic Dress” and “Harvest Dress” colors being worked on. 

Seems like a fun cross-over to me. What do you think?

Let us know if you have ideas for names, symbols, or anything else in the comments below!

Jen also sent over a Mad Hatter “Tea Time” pin concept: 

And I suggested that this might be sliding back towards a “cute goofy” feeling which would feel out of place with the other more sinister pins we’re creating. My thought was that the Hatter’s hat by itself is already so iconic… I wouldn’t mind simply having a pin design based on it alone. Like so… 

What do you think? Cute Hatter Hat? Or Classic Hatter Hat? 

Again, let us know in the comments below! 

We’ll be discussing Enamel Pins and Hatter’s Domain during today’s Crowd Design Session. That starts at 10AM Hong Kong Time – 6PM PST (about 25 minutes from when I am writing and posting this). See you there!

From Shanghai with Stamps, 


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