Livestream Incoming! And Crowd Design Uploaded!

Dear Insane Children, 

It’s been an “insane” day for me… I had planned to spend most of the day signing art prints with the world’s cutest signing assistant… 

But ended up fending off a flood of copyright claims against my “Alice: Madness Returns” Let’s Play videos over on YouTube. Arrrrrg! 

No idea what’s going on with YouTube but we still managed to get 100s of posters signed and prepped for mailing. 

Btw, babies are terrible workers. Lucky pooped his pants and then fell asleep on the job. You’re Fired! 

Speaking of YouTube

We’ve uploaded the latest Crowd Design Session. Check that out via THIS LINK

In that, we discuss Hatter’s Domain and LOTS OF SPOILERS. Plus there’s a discussion about where things are at the end of 2019. So if you’d like a semi-concise close to the year… there you go! 

Live Stream

And I just scheduled our Live Stream for tomorrow. 6pm PST. 10AM here in Shanghai. You know the drill…

Hit THIS LINK to head over and set a reminder for that event! 

Feels like it’s been AGES since the last time we did one of these. Alignment of holidays, travel, etc… 

Anyway, we’re back! 

Leave your questions and feedback in the comments below and we’ll address those tomorrow!

From Shanghai with Grrr at YouTube,


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