Enamel Pin Ponderings

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here, ready to excite your Christmas/Boxing Day/Festive Celebrations with actual images of real pins being made   🙂

Take a look at the pic and see which of these 3 samples tickles your fancy the most and sound off in the comments below.

* Over on the left, we have ‘Silver Metal with Black Enamel’.
* In the middle we have ‘Black Nickel and Silver Filling’. (yes, it really does have that kinda 3D look on the symbols)
*And on the right, we have ‘Black Nickel with White Enamel’.

Me and American have our own ideas about which style to go for, but without letting you know which way we’re leaning, we wanted to hear from you.

So, say LEFT, RIGHT or MIDDLE in the comments and then we’ll see if all our ideas line up and we can tell the factory to pull the trigger on getting it all made    🙂

– Cheers and a Merry Christmas to all

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