The Walls Are Closing In

Dear Insane Children, 

American here with a quick note… 

I just spent the week picking, packing, labeling, and shipping out a huge number of art prints. Pretty sure that was the single largest batch of orders ever to be sent out the door at one time. Woo! 

Big THANK YOU to Yan’s mom for helping me with all that plus juggling Lucky. Yay!

BUT… wait… 

Before we get too excited. A couple of things: 

Closing Borders

China just closed itself off from the outside world. Like – literally – you can’t fly into China now. They limited all countries to only one (1) incoming flight per country per week – and that’s only for essential/emergency travel situations. 

Since all the planes will stop flying IN that means… a lot of the packages we’re trying to get OUT will just get stuck on the ground. We don’t know how many because these packages take a variety of routes on their way to the world outside. Some via air, some via sea, and some via ground, air, sea and a combo of all three! 

Our logistics partners are urging us to stop trying to send stuff until all this blows over. 

At the same time, they are saying that the packages we’re sending WILL get through… just much, much more slowly. Like 30+ days slowly. 

So keep that in mind if you are waiting on an art print (or prints). 

New Stuff

I do have some new stuff related to the Design Bible that I plan to announce in the next few days. Basically outlining how we’re going to push to get that fully fleshed out over the next couple of months. And what that means for things like Crowd Design and our Live Streams.

Speaking of… 

Live Stream!

Wew it’s been a long time since we did one of those! And it’s also something I have in the plans for next week. It’ll have to be sans-Font Lord (Martin Sans) since we’re still not allowed outside visitors in my housing compound. 

But I’ll figure out a way to get him involved. And you too! 

Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything special you’d like discussed in the next stream. Got questions? Ideas? Put them in the comments below. 

But first… I need a bit of a rest. 

From Behind the Great Wall of China, 


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