American: Migraines Return

Dear Insane Children, 

This has been a bad week for me. I spent two days in bed with terrible migraines. The other days were spent feeling week and confused. And we’ve spent two mornings at the hospital trying to figure out what’s going on… 

If there’s any positive to all of this… I am fortunate to have a newly opened hospital just 15 minutes from the house which specializes in neurology, migraines, and the like. And I have Yan holding my hand as I go through the process of seeing doctors and being diagnosed. It’s also worth mentioning that the Chinese medical system is, in relative terms, pretty miraculous. These recent visits, the MRI scan, and the painkillers they’ve given me… so far have totaled a bill of only $800RMB (about $112USD). Yan reminds me this would all be free if I were a Chinese citizen. Yay for socialized medicine? 

Anyway, I don’t want to stare at this screen too long as I have a suspicion that it’s all my screen time causing these migraines. I usually start work (staring at the monitor) around 7AM and go until 5PM… And I wasn’t getting migraines at all for the three months of Golden Exile in Thailand… a time during which I was unable to stare at a computer screen for more than ~1 hour per day.  The headaches started again almost as soon as I was back in Shanghai so… 

I’m going back for an MRI today at 4PM. Will report back with any news. 

Work Continues

The team is still hard at work even though I am incapacitated.  Omri sends along sketches for Alice’s “jail cell” in the Circus Domain. And…

 Alex working on:
• Piecing Together Slumber / Previous Artwork for Narrative (in progress)
• Colour Material Guide Template Example (to do – through in next few days)
• Facebook Video Cover Edits (v2) – (in progress)
• Overall Narrative / Writing – (in progress)
• Social Media Icons for Webpage – (to do)

Omri working on:
• Moon Concept Art
• Alice’s Holding Cell in Denial Concept Art
• Confirmation for Alice’s Dress Transition (With Norm)
• Anything else?

Jenn working on:
• Material Examples (On Hold until Example from Alex ready)
• Alice Pixel Art Game
• Potential Mysterious Merch
• Anything else? 

Norm working on:
• Alice’s Poses (Refining selected Poses)
• Anything else?

Joey working on:
•  Joey, please have a look through Monday for something you’d like to work on, or Chat to Omri or Myself for a task to work on 🙂
• Anything else?

Dario working on:
• Refining The Moon Concept Art
• Anything else?

Your support makes it possible for our team to continue working despite global pandemics and the occasional crippling migraine. Thank you for that! 

I’m hoping to be back to normal soon. And will post more updates next week. If I am unable to do so then we’ll hand things over to Martin and Alex for a while so that The Spice continues to flow. 

Your understanding is much appreciated. 

From Shanghai with Owwwww,


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