Shipping Information and COVID

Hi All

Font Lord here with just a bit of info about what’s going on with shipping these days (both Pateron and Mysterious)

I’m sure I don’t need to explain what COVID has done to the world these last few months, and especially with airlines and shipping routes closing down and not only that, the number of ‘boots on the ground’ in your country’s postal services and port of entry is likely also massively reduced and disrupted. There’s basically been delays at every step of the way.

So, without going into too much details about all the different types of issue I see when people write in, I would say that generally speaking, my information I give out to everyone who asks is the same.
We’re looking at about 4-6 weeks transit time recently  🙁
And that’s transit time. That doesn’t include the time an item spends going from distribution center to distribution center inside China before finally being put on a boat/plane and sent to you.

Apologies for all the waiting you’re having to do these days, and remember, I am certainly here to answer questions and give tracking links and ease your minds if you PM us (or contact us on Zendesk Customer Support). It just might take a little while to reply due to the number of messages I’m getting and the research I have to do on each particular order.

Once thing I would be interested in though is if anyone has received a print from us in the post recently? Like in the past 2 weeks?
If you could sound off in the comments, I could have a look at how long it was between shipping and delivery and that’ll give me some more data for knowing what the average shipping times currently are.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and understanding during these very trying times. And please, let’s all continue to be safe.

– Cheers

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