The Lucky 5 (June)

Dear Insane Children

It’s the most magical time of the month again.
When all the good karma you might have built up can hopefully sway the Gods of RNG in your favor as we choose 5 lucky people (from both Patrons and our last YouTube vid) to win… AN OMEGA NECKLACE !!!
One of the new, super awesome ones too!!

Here we go…
Rolling it…

* Nygel Manser
* Mathias Harvyl
* Guinevere Spurdens
* Vanessa Sherman
* O. Marquardt 

Congrats to all our winners and look forwards to getting an Omega Necklace in the post in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
They’ll be shipped out in July as we don’t have them from the factory yet.

I guess I can round things off with another Lulu pic as is tradition, even though I posted a Lulu yesterday   😛

– Cheers

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