I’d Buy That for a Dollar (or Pound or Euro)

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here with a little bit of info that we just got from Patreon.

It seems they’re now going to offer Patrons the choice of paying for their tiers in the currency of their choice.
(As long as it’s  $, € or £ )

They say…

  • We’ve enabled currency choice on your page: new patrons will now see your tiers priced in their preferred currency of $, € or £.
  • Nothing changes for existing patrons – they don’t have to switch currencies unless they want to. If they would like to do this, they can edit their pledge in the Manage Memberships tab of their dashboard.

So, yay for choice I guess?   🙂
Should you encounter any issues or problems or bugs or anything with this system, pop it in a comment below and we can send feedback to Patreon if needed.

Speaking of choice.
Here’s the results of the poll for which images you like best that could make their way into our 2021 calendar we’re looking to make.
No real surprises here, although I thought Mushroom Head would do better  🙁
Ohhh and most of the choices in “Other” were for Flamingo as I forgot to include it in the survey like some kind of huge doofus !

And that’ll do it for me   🙂

Happy Dragon Boat Festival Weekend to you all !!

– Cheers

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