What’s Wrong With Your Toy?

Dear Insane Children, 

While we’re working on a couple of possibilities for physical merch – calendars, snow globes, etc – I thought we should think about a couple of additional Plush Toys. Why? Because they’re relatively easy to produce, everyone seems to love them, and … I like making eff’ed up toys? 

So I first asked for a Vorpal Blade Plush – because I figure cosplayers and Alice fans alike will have fun with it. We can’t make/export “knife” things but I think we can get away with mailing plush/pillow objects in the shape of a knife? Anyway, based on the rough concept image turned in by Jen (above) we’re getting a sample made of this. I’ll try to ship it to someone outside of China to test whether or not it can escape… and if it can, then we’ll make more! Yay for bending the rules! 

As per the usual routine, we’ll want to connect this with an in-game perk. Ideas? It could unlock an early upgrade to the Vorpal Blade? Or an alternate attack with the Vorpal Blade? (Keep in mind that whatever it does, it WILL NOT be exclusive to people who purchase the plush – since we all agree that sort of thing is unfair/un-fun).

The next idea is a Humpty Dumpty Plush. This is the initial design Jen turned in. And here are my notes… 

For Humpty Dumpty… I’d like to see ‘more’ go into his design. Not to make him more complicated but to make him more “ours.”  Here are a bunch from a Google Search… 

How are we different? My creative direction (as per usual) is “eff him up” or “make him dark” etc, etc. 

Also, with whatever concept artwork comes back on the next revision… please include dimensions. That’s always the first question the factory asks me “how big is this thing?” I suggest we keep the longest portion of his diameter (top to bottom of the oval) around 25~30cm. Arms and legs can dangle off that central hub. 

Try to do something that inspires children to say, “What’s wrong with your toy?

Same question here… what might Humpty Dumpty unlock in the game? 

Let us know in the COMMENTS below what you think of these designs and this direction. 

Which toy do you want more? A plush Vorpal Blade or an Effed up Humpty Dumpty?

From Shanghai with Plushness, 


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