Reviewing your Feedback RE: The Alice Model

Dear Insane Children, 

I did a Twitch Stream this morning ( and then posted that over on my YouTube Channel (… 

And you can watch that HERE

Lots of great feedback from everyone! And we’re using that to make adjustments to the model including (but not limited to): 

1. Fixes to the makeup – less dark, better blended, and better placement. 

2. The CHIN. Lots of people asking for changes to the shape and size. Yes. 

3. Eyebrows – smaller, less dense, more child-like, and better blended with the face.

4. Adjustments to the size and shape of the legs (shorter, thicker). 

5. Adjustments to size and shape of the arms (thicker). 

6. Adjustments to hair placement. 

There will be other adjustments as well. And we’ll see a new revision on the model soon. Plus we’ll see the start of work on the Ash Dress. 

THANK YOU, everyone, for the support and the feedback. What a fun and interesting process! 

From Shanghai with Special Eyebrows, 


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