Mother Effing Bearfisted Bear!

Dear Insane Children, 

Did you know that writing is magic? Like proper and functional magic? Yeah. 

See, it works like this… you spend hours and days trying to Clear The Decks and find the quiet time to sit down and write… and you do that. And then, LIKE MAGIC, shit just keeps popping up that demands your attention, ripping you away from writing. MAGIC!#@@!@#!

So here I am writing notes on Story Stuff(TM) for Alice: Asylum when Yan starts sending me messages… and I am about to open WeChat and tell her to GET BENT when… 

Bearfisted Bear? The workshop finished the sample?! 

And he’s AWESOME. I mean, look at that bear for a fist. And those abs. And… and… that butt.

Ok, well, this time the magic created something worth being interrupted for. But don’t let it happen again! 

Crowd Design! Let us know in the comment below if you have any feedback or suggestions. We feel he’s pretty much ready for mass production. What do you think? 

From Shanghai with I Was In The Middle of Writing!!!


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