Moving Pieces

Dear Insane Children, 

LOTS going on! Woo.

We’ll have a Live Stream over on Twitch tomorrow and go through all the updates and progress. We have art, story, and business development stuff to cover. 

Oh… crap. I just realized that I am STILL STUCK in that same damn place in Madness Returns. (adds note to todo list: finish that damn area tonight before the stream). 

Join us over on Twitch at the usual time: 10AM Hong Kong/7PM PDT 

During the stream, we’ll talk about the Chess Realm and the work being done to define the areas and narrative scenes that take place inside it. Omri sent along an image (above) of Alice in the Court of the White Chess Pieces. 

And Norm sent along a render of The Caterpillar. We’ll see him featured throughout Asylum as a sort of time-traveling, all-knowing, mystic oracle who semi-helps Alice through the adventure. Up next we should see a render of the space in which he resides – a trippy psychedelic dream realm. 

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Ah, too late. We’ve already crashed into Oz… 

We’ve also started adding images to flesh out the notion of crash landing in Oz. There will be multiple such crash sites all around Oz (depending on the time in which you’re visiting). And not just planes but balloons, ships, and any other conveyance that might get swept up in a Gateway to Oz Storm. 

All of this and MORE will be covered during the stream tomorrow. With Lulu! And Prizes! 

Join the fun! Click THIS LINK to head over to my Twitch page and Subscribe.

From Shanghai with Adventures, 


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