I’m Not Dead, I Feel Fine, I Feel Happy!

Dear Insane Children,

We’re in the final days of the 2nd Largest National Holiday in China with everyone scheduled to return to work on Saturday, 10th of October. In case you’re wondering about the title to this post, it’s in reference to THIS scene from Monty Python. Anyway, despite the holiday, I and the team have been busy with a variety of creative, business, and other tasks behind the scenes and we have lots to update you on in the coming days and weeks. 

The image above is from Omri and represents a scene from the opening section of “Alice: Asylum” where Alice finds herself trapped in a recurring nightmare. This is among about a dozen key scenes we’re going to illustrate from the game narrative – spanning from the start to the end – which will help to fill out the Design Bible. 

We also continue to produce images to fill out the “Oz Adventures” pitch deck for REDACTED. 

This image is taken from a collection that was generated for the “Pirates in Oz” storyline (episode). Looking great! 

Normal Next Week 

We’ll be getting back to our regular schedule of updates, live streams, and more… next week (technically starting on Saturday for those of us here in Shanghai). And we’re planning for a Live Stream next week on Thursday, 15th of October (Shanghai time). 

For now… I am heading back to a final day of spending time with Lucky. He’s growing up so fast… it’s crazy!

From Shanghai with Love and Mooncakes, 


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