The Lucky 5 (Oct)

Dear Insane Children

Oof !!
Font Lord here and I left this one a bit late, it’ll almost be time to do November’s Lucky 5 soon.
It’s been a busy ole month due to rabbits and calendars.

Still, I’m here now, let’s do this    🙂

As you know, this is a monthly thing where Google’s RNG feature picks 5 lucky people to get some goodies.  Chosen from our Patrons AND the last YouTube video comments (to keep things legal)

Let’s see…
This month, the winners will get…
A set of Enamel Pins AND the 2nd Embroidered Patch set we did    🙂

The winners are

* Adelaide Persinger
* tami maslanka
* Jennifer Quinonez
* Estelle Gaston Nonell
* James R Pleasant

Congrats to you all, and expect your goodies probably by around late November   🙂

What’s that pic at the top of this post for?
That’s just an amusing way to tell you about me and American having mysterious costumes for tomorrow’s Halloween Twitch stream over at…
10am Hong Kong time, October 29th.
There’s a countdown timer on the chat tab there, so there’s no excuse to miss it.

Seriously they’re mysterious.
Neither of us know what the other person is dressed as yet.
Will it better that last time we were John Wick and Goku?  Maaaaaaaybe?
Anyway, come join us, we’ll have the usual banter, game playing and Alice: Asylum info and SPECIAL HALLOWEEN PRIZES    🙂

And of course, finally, no Lucky 5 post is complete without a LULU!
Kinda looks like she’s in jail.

See you tomorrow!

– Cheers

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