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Dear Insane Children, 

We hosted an excellent Live Stream over on my Twitch Channel yesterday. 

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And if you missed the Live Stream when it was live… don’t worry! You can watch it over on my YouTube Channel via THIS LINK

Lots of great art, design, and story stuff was discussed! Including these wonderful illustrations from Adam for the Judgement/Courthouse section in the Queen’s Domain. And Joey’s work on The Pieces of The Champion – elements that will form the backbone of Alice’s quest through Asylum. 

And there was a portion of SPOILERS related to the narrative that many of you might find interesting. If you are worried about spoilers, then rest assured that we did call it out and warn everyone before we started that discussion. 

Hope you enjoyed the latest updates!

Oh, and [REDACTED] came through with a document that moves forward our process with them. Arrived in my inbox last night… and I’ll be working with the team on a reply and scheduling a meeting with [REDACTED] for next week. Yay! 

From Shanghai with [REDACTED], 


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