Crowd Design – Creepy Cat

Dear Insane Children, 

Yan is working with Jen on a new Plushie Dreadful design – Scruffy Bumps!

A prototype based on initial sketches by Jen arrived a few days ago:

There are several issues with the first pass which include: 

1) He’s too plump (round and fat). We want Slender Man-style creepy.

2) He’s too happy. He’s meant to be scary; not a furry Forest Gump. 

3) His nose is wrong. Needs to be black and have a distinct shape. 

4) His ears are too small and not pointy enough. 

5) His eyes need more expression. More malice. 

Speaking of Eyes

Which do you prefer? There are three choices: 

A) Angry Open (main image above)

B) Scar Eye (image below)


C) Slender Pupils (image below)

Let us know in the comments below which Eye style you prefer! A, B, or C! 

And behold Yan’s re-shaping edit… 

This more or less captures the end goal we’re heading towards. 

Of this edit, Jen says, “Makes me think of something that would crawl up the walls and hang from the ceiling and wait for you to wake up and look up.”

Again, let us know in the comments below what you think. 

Is he scruffy, bumpy, and creepy enough? 

A few other things to note: He’s considerably larger than the rabbit plushes. And his feet and tail are filled with weight (sand) so they flop around more meaningfully. He’ll also feature some sort of “Mysterious” or “Plushie Dreadful” brand label. 

Yan and Jen are waiting for your feedback! Yay! 

From Shanghai with Cat Scratch Fever, 


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