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Dear Insane Children, 

Ok, first off, I just want to say that I am very nervous about doing this… As a rule, I try to avoid sharing my Writing In Progress. Partly because I just don’t like sharing unfinished work. But I’ve pointed out previously, that’s hypocritical given that I am constantly sharing the unfinished work of our artists. It’s at the core of Crowd Design! 

The other thing I worry about – because it’s happened to me with previous stories – is losing my drive to finish writing. That’s already a tricky beast to manage – as anyone who writes for a living will tell you. And I know from other writers I’ve talked to that sharing work mid-stream is notorious for creating a loss in the drive to finish the thing… Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

Anyway, here we are. 

I’m sharing The Outline of the Narrative for Alice: Asylum and opening it up to Crowd Design

The attached document contains the 1st and 2nd Acts with a brief outline for the 3rd Act. 

You are invited to engage with Crowd Design (Narrative) in the section at the end of what exists for the 2nd Act. In this section, we’ll want to fill in a sequence of missions Alice goes on to recover the Pieces of Champion. A good example of the type of thing we want to create is contained in the “Wonderland Woods” section (just prior to the Crowd Design section). 

Of course, you’re welcome to comment on any and all aspects of the narrative. And you’ll see that there are plenty of blanks (at least in this document) when it comes to the 3rd Act. I think we should try to save the heavy discussion about those sections until we’ve filled in a bit more on the 2nd Act. First, because I find the 2nd Act goes a long way towards creating the links that fill in the 3rd Act. Second, because the 3rd Act outline doesn’t fully capture the ideas I have for this section – so commenting on that stuff might be redundant. 

How To Share

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you write your initial thoughts in Word or Google Docs, then paste those things into the Patreon comments – especially if you’re writing more than a few lines. Remember, if you try to Edit a Comment it’ll probably get eaten by Patreon. Also, consider just using Google Docs and then sharing the LINK to your doc (make it public!) instead of relying on the terrible-bad Patreon Comments system. 

And try to keep your ideas and feedback concise. “Less Is More” – really!


Yeah, TONS of Spoilers contained in that document, obviously. If you do not want the story revealed before you play the game, don’t read that document! You’ve been warned! 

Excited and nervous over here… let’s see how this goes! 

From Shanghai with Sharing Jitters,


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