Chamber of Anger pt. 2

Dear Insane Children, 

Omri sent over an updated version of Alice’s confrontation with Inferno Alice in the Chamber of Anger. And I just had to post it because… well, it’s amazing. 

Of this update Omri says: 

i thought that the child is a prisoner- literally a victim so why not make it so she’s trapping herself in a sense. also i thought to merge the tentacles with the chains so it’s ONE mesh. it’s not exactly chains and not exactly tentacles but both and amorphic.

If you guys want me to render it more- no probs. OR if i still somehow got it wrong but according to the story this ought to work well.

i DO imagine that the ceiling will be closed in the Battle itself. like get in the room- the ceiling closes and when “freeing” the child from her chains it opens again and beams you up or a platform raises there whatever.

To which I replied: 

This is AMAZING @Omri

Please do go ahead and render a final version.

I *love* the idea of chains as tentacles. Tentachains? Chaintcles?

And, yes, Anger traps us. Great visual metaphor.

And, Insane Children, I want to say again: THANK YOU

The sort of visual / narrative development we’re doing here on Patreon would be impossible under “normal” game development conditions. That we’re able to spend so much time working through these details and coming up with ideas… means that the final product will be rich beyond belief. 

YOU are directly supporting the team of artists making all of this possible. And I hope you know that you’re bringing to life something truly unique. 

From Shanghai with Chaintcles,


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