All hail the Hysteria Rabbit

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here AGAIN.

Just wanted to run this past you.
We’re thinking we want to change the $75 tier next year.
Starting from February (we think) we will be replacing the Chaos Necklace in the $75 tier to a Hysteria Rabbit plushie.

What do you think?  Good idea? Bad Idea?

So to be clear, from February onwards, if you join us for the first time at the $75 level, you will get…
* The Print of the month
* A Hysteria Rabbit
(and to be extra clear, you get the rabbit just the once no matter how much longer you stay at the $75 level)

And here’s the best bit, if you already had your Chaos Necklace reward for joining us at $75 in the past, you’ll STILL get the plushie once we change the tier and you do another $75 month.
Not bad, right?    😀


And don’t forget, this is a live-stream week over on our Twitch channel.
There’s a countdown timer on the chat tab there, so you have no excuse for missing it.

As usual, there’s be shennanigans, art review, Alice & Oz discussion, prizes, American bullying me and maybe a Lulu.
Hope to see you there   🙂

– Cheers

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