The Emotions of Rabbits

Dear Insane Children,

We want to give a huge thanks to all our supporters that are already making 2021 an incredible year for the Plushie Dreadful line on our Mysterious store.

This year we want to add to the Plushie Dreadful roster with the “Emotion Rabbit” plushies, and, reach out and ask what you think about this idea?

Take a look at the rabbit image and sound off in the comments as to which one/s you like the best or even if you have other thoughts and opinions about the Emotion Rabbits.

Also, other than rabbits, 2 more creepy friends that will be arriving with us in the coming months are the insanely popular Scruffy Bumps and Hammibal Lecter’s nemesis, Wolfinswine!

– Cheers

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