Falling into Dark Judgement

Dear Insane Children, 

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Narrative Crowd Design discussion last week. And to all of you who sent follow-up comments and feedback. Lots of thinking is being inspired by your input. And we’ll have a follow-up on all of that soon. 

In the meantime, the art team continues to produce and refine images taken from the early sections of the Narrative Outline. Like the image above from Norm – a tighter version of the “Alice vs. Judgement Boss” illustration. This is now ready for Omri to color. The final product… it’s going to be amazing, isn’t it? 

We’re also seeing some early sketches from Adam for the opening page of Chapter 1 in the Design Bible. This is an image inspired by a sketch from Alex. And is meant to represent Alice’s descent into the first section of the story – the start of her journey. 

We were discussing which of the four images best represents the fall into darkness. 

What do you think? A, B, C, D? Which is your favorite? 

Live Stream This Week

Want to join in the conversation and review art in real-time with me and Martin? 

Don’t miss this week’s live stream over on Twitch and YouTube. 

It takes place at the usual time and place. 10AM here in Shanghai on Thursday morning. And 7PM PST if you are on the West Coast of the USA. 



Those are the places you can join us. And there will be prizes! Woo.

From Shanghai with a Toothy Maw,


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