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Dear Insane Children, 

A few posts back, I shared a snippet from Monday (the online collaboration platform our pre-production uses to organize all their work)*** – where you could see my story text being converted into sketches and illustrations. All that content will eventually make its way into the Design Bible… 

Anyway, that post featured a scene where Alice is banished from the Home For Wayward Children (HFWC) after the killing of Bumby. It’s described as… 

Art Brief: This scene will showcase Alice being removed from Bumby’s Home for Wayward Children by Radcliffe and the Police. Alice will be thrown out onto the street, and expelled. The home’s resources are cut off to her, and she will not be able to protect the other orphans left behind.

The scene is meant to capture the feeling of “a mother separated from her children, and being unable to protect them”.

Click back a few posts if you want to check that out. 

Today, Omri sends along some updates to the content being created under that heading.

The initial concept has split in two. First, there’s the scene as it was requested initially. 

And then there’s … something … dark and sinister … being created alongside the original request. See the latest from Omri (main image above). 

For the original scene… 

It started out as a rough sketch. And then progressed… 

With more of the surrounding details being filled in. 

Omri says he has an actual (living) model coming over these days to act as a stand-in for Alice in this scene. Wow. 

Can’t wait to see the final renders of all this amazing work! 

Let us know in the comments below what you think! And be sure to send Omri some love!

*** A Note Regarding Monday: In a recent live stream, I floated the idea that we might open up public access to Monday. That would allow our Insane Children to browse through (read-only) the work being done by our pre-production team. Upon further research of the topic, we’ve discovered that Monday doesn’t have this sort of feature. The platform costs $$ per “seat” and there’s no such thing as a “view-only” seat. Combine that with concerns raised by the team about making their work too-public, too soon… and we’ve decided to kill this idea. But I will continue to copy/paste interesting sections from Monday and share them here on Patreon. 

From Shanghai with Weirdo Content, 


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