Boss Monster Bumby

Dear Insane Children, 

Presented here today is the final image in the series of 4 illustrated by Adam Narozanski for the scenes where Alice encounters memories of Dr. Angus Bumby. Adam says of this one: 

And the last Bumby of four, I made this one more dynamic. I imagined it could be the moment where the Bumby memory looses it’s power over Alice and the Dollmaker feels threatened, trying to claw his way out of a dark void which he is about to fall into? Just some loose ideas that were going through my head as I was working on it, all four of these were really fun to make.

And I think that sounds great. The idea would be that we see three variations on Bumby in previous areas of this particular “memory structure.” In those scenes, Child Alice won’t fight Bumby – though she will likely solve some puzzles and perhaps fight off some sort of guard creatures. But in the final room… the one pictured here (main image – above) – there could be a proper Bumby Boss Fight

Based on all the comments I’ve seen from everyone … LOTS of you would like another chance to give Bumby/The Dollmaker some well-deserved beatings. And I especially like the idea of Child Alice being given the chance to confront and destroy a representation of the evil that destroyed her family. Some serious cathartic action in there! 

In case any of you missed the previous illustrations in this series… 

Here’s a fun question for you: What would you title these four images? 

I’m thinking… The Terrorpist, The Hypnotist, The Puppet Master, and The Blackened Mean. 

Can you Crowd Design a better set of names for these? 

And I’m thinking… it feels like these should be presented as a Print Set… something I had discussed with Font Lord in the past. Perhaps something we offer over at Mysterious. Where an order contains 1 of each of these images (4 total). Probably packed in dual tubes. Thoughts on that? 

Let us know your feedback and ideas in the Comments below! 

From Shanghai with Terrible Puns, 


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