A Portal To The Past

Dear Insane Children, 

Did you miss the Live Stream we hosted yesterday on my Twitch Channel (twitch.tv/americanmcgee)? Worry not, for I HAVE A PORTAL TO THE PAST…

Just click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uvo_3fmc4M 

And you’ll be instantly transported to the Realm of the Font Lord. Wherein Stick Boy finally defeats that Giant Ruin Thing after several months(?) of trying! Woo!

We also had a review of recent artwork including the “Black Hole” Shadow Wonderland (Umbraland!) images from Omri. And Omri sent along an updated version of the Umbraland concept image (main image above) where he’s combined elements from portals in the original game…

To create something new yet old. Yay. 

Of this he says: 

i thought of the portals that are used in AMA and i thought that perhaps we can merge those in with the black. we can do them as is, super bright but it’s just too distracting!

mixed with the black it becomes this odd looking bubble thing and i added some kind of glitter/sparks effect. i think this tells me with the combination of the walkways “this is a portal” i want this to look ACCESIBLE.

?i still think the world should have more chaos. this is the last part of the game so naturally as you go along things should have more chaos but i also toned it down. still keeping with no light sources and gave Alice a lamp thing.

?from this to the next location i’ll keep the portals, i’ll keep the twist and i’ll keep Some Chaos but less then this as this world is a darkened wonderland. as you said, not a copy! i totally understand now after the stream why it’s not the right word. i’ll keep with the no light sources. this one for me is done, i can render it more if you guys want but i think for an atmospheric it’s enough.

So head over and check out the stream. 

And let us know in the comments below what you think of the updated “portal” concept from Omri. 

From Shanghai with Portals,


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