The Livestream Train is Approaching

Dear Insane Children, 

All aboard! Or… all under-board? What do you call a train that rides… on you? Justice? 

That reminds me of one of those old “In Soviet Russia, trains ride you!” jokes. 

Anyway, we’ll ponder all this and more during the Live Stream later this week!

Live Stream Woo WOo!

The usual time and place. 7 PM on June 23rd if you’re in the USA (West Coast). 

And you can join via Twitch or YouTube… 


Though if you want to WIN PRIZES you better join via Twitch because… reasons. 

And, yeah, that latest image from Adam Narozanski is amazing! 

If you like pina colada’s and pushing men under trains… 

See you later this week! 

From Shanghai with The Man in the Moon, 


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