Bumby Brand Wheel Grease

Dear Insane Children, 

Wheels on your train squeaking, creaking, and making noise? 

Why not try “Bumby Brand” Wheel Grease? 

Guaranteed to work on even the most stubborn squeaks. 

Throw a bit of Bumby under your train today. 

And enjoy the sweet silence of squeak-free wheels. 

Choo- Choo! 

Excellent illustration from Adam (main image above) depicting Alice shoving Bumby in front of a train. This is the last of the “memory scenes” we’ll do for the design bible. I’ve really enjoyed these. How about you? 

Speaking of memories… Omri put some finishing touches on the Tree of Imagination. Original drawing was done by Joey. And the final illustration turned out great. Love it!

And there’s new stuff in the pipeline. Alex went through and pulled a ton of new tasks from our recent narrative overview updates. Those will turn into sketches soon – and I’ll share them here. Like this latest update from Norm for Alice’s encounter with Bill the Lizard. We’ve turned him into a bad-ass boss fight. Eek. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think of these latest updates. And we’ll discuss your feedback during the live stream next week. Yay! 

From Shanghai with Squeak, 


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