Live Stream – Going Live SOON!

Dear Insane Children, 

We are having a live stream today at 7PM PDT (10AM Hong Kong Time). 

Join us on my Twitch Channel: 

If you miss it live, you can watch the recording over on YouTube: 

We have LOTS to discuss today including the latest art and design on Alice: Asylum. For example, the amazing bit of art (above) from Adam depicting the entrance to The Forest Fortress… lair of the Great and Terrible… Bill the Lizard? What? 

Plus, we’ll talk about the OCD Rabbit Crowd Design comments and other Plushie Dreadful updates. 

BIG NEWS: We’re moving to the next stage on raising investment for Mysterious Studios (to build Oz: Adventures and then Alice: Asylum). And today’s stream will include a “call to arms” for interested game developers to join our pitch to investors and REDACTED 1 (big Chinese game publisher/investor).

 We’ll also read lots of your comments from previous Patreon posts. 

And there WILL BE PRIZES! Yay!

From Shanghai with a Migraine (that’ll make the live stream EXTRA fun), 


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