Patreon Art Schedule 2021 (2nd Half)

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here with the results of the poll to what the next 6 art prints should be.
Around half of you sent in your votes and based on some of the comments on that post, it was very difficult to choose just 6    🙂

You’ll also notice that in this post I’m going to use 2 methods to describe when/who will get the prints, and we need to ask you about this at the end.

So, as you see above, the header image for this post is THE CAGING.
This will be the next print for July Patrons (Meaning those charged in August)

And here are the next 5 months…

August Patrons, charged in September

September Patrons, charged in October

October Patrons, charged in November
(yes it’s 2 prints this month)

November Patrons, charged in December

December Patrons, charged in January

There we go, YOU have spoken!
Some great ones there, but alas, some other great ones didn’t make the cut (this time).
Maybe when we do this again for 2022 they will?  😉


Now, help us out please.

When we describe what month a print is for, we have 2 schools of thought here.
The Caging print for example.
Do we…
1) Say it’s for July Patrons
2) Say its for those Patrons charged in August

Those 2 choices are for the exact same people, so you can see there’s a bit of confusion here. It’s a like a utility bill. You use electric in one month, but actually get charged for your usage in the next.

But here’s the problem, if we say that a print is for July Patrons, would you be confused?
Not knowing if that meant you had to be joined in July or charged in July?

So, thoughts?
What’s clearer and more understandable to you?
How about a 3rd option just like in this very post, that we always use this format, “July Patrons, charged in August” etc etc…

Let us know.
But we will also endeavor to state the art print for the coming month at the start of each new month too   😉

– Cheers

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