Typhoon Madness!

Dear Insane Children, 

Woo! It’s been crazy here in Shanghai. Typhoon In-Fa ripped along the eastern coast of China and made landfall just a few kilometers away from my backyard in Fengxian, Shanghai. Literally just down the coast from where I live. BUT… despite what the title of that video says (WTF?) China was in no way destroyed. And, as far as I am aware, there were no deaths from the weather but a lot of people were temporarily evacuated – especially along the eastern coastal areas.

Here’s a map to illustrate…

The storm moved up from the south along the eastern coast of China. It passed Yan and Lucky in Shengzhou (circled on the map) a few days ago. They got some rain but no serious winds. When it arrived in Shanghai it landed almost right in my backyard! You can see the wind estimate on that map at 59kts… 70mph winds. But we saw winds hitting closer to 100mph multiple times. Trees flying around, stuff getting knocked over… But the scary part for me was the water. Because the rain was so heavy and constant… water levels in the nearby creeks and rivers just kept rising. I thought our house might get flooded! It felt something like this…

(Cool art from Joey!) 

But there’s really good flood control stuff in place around here – makes sense, it’s a coastal area that sees several typhoons per year. And they managed the water levels so that there was no flooding of homes. 

Things are calming down outside now but we still have several days of rain in the forecast. 

Lucky called me via video chat this morning (well, Yan called me but Lucky was on the call) – yelling “Home! Home! Home!” … so he really wants to come home. I guess it’s boring being stuck inside for a week while there’s a typhoon raging outside. 

All of this is a long-winded way of saying: There will be no live stream this week! 

I need to clean up around the house and then drive south and “rescue” my family (from boredom). They’d normally come back via train, bus, or share ride… but all those options are over capacity (or nonexistent) right now due to the backlog created by the storm. So… road trip for me! 

Your understanding and patience are much appreciated! 

Still lots of great progress being made by the Alice: Asylum pre-production team. 

This Umbraland image from Omri of the Mysterious East is especially fitting given what’s just gone on here in China!

And this Dollhouse Umbraland is 100%! Love it! 

And I uploaded the Technical Design for OCD Rabbit over on my Instagram. If you want to join the Crowd Design discussion on that, head over and check it out! 

Alright… going to start road trip prep. Hope you’re all safe and warm and dry! 

From Shanghai with Wet Shoes,


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